Apr 06 2009

April Fools

In case you hadn't noticed.. the previous post was an Aprils Fool joke ..

We had a good laugh at different people actually believing that we planned on rebranding to Pinuits, but we'll stay Inuits , But maybe next year we'll rebrand to Linuits :)

Apr 01 2009

We are rebranding !

So the cat is out of the bag,

As of today Inuits is rebranding to Pinuits,
The press release is here

We've had good feedback on the new name so far. Different people told me the name matched better to what we are doing . Actually my wife thinks our new name is much better as at least the Pin in Pinuits refers to our favourite Tux again ..

Finding an appropriate name for an Open Source consultancy company, with focus on Linux, Open Source Monitoring, MySQL, Open Source Virtualization , Large Scale Deployments , High Availability and Drupal, isn't easy .. you want to show both community involvement and professionality. And find a domain that's still available.