Apr 27 2009

To exaggerate , or not ...

Sometimes you have to step out of line to get a message through just write a viewpoint down in totally black, ignoring the white parts.

Earlier examples of these tricks were my rants on raid :)

The original work title of the Virtualization.com post actually was "VMWare, the New Microsoft, they gave us point and click and no clue for the user" But I selfmoderated that down to a more gentle title, not attacking a vendor :)

I think the message got through ...

Yes you get the,"he must be joking" feedback from some ,on one hand that accelerating the effect and on the other some people might think what an idiot , but that doesn't weigh up to the one person who realizes he should do integrity checks on OVF's too and other one that realizes he shouldn't randomly copy VM's back and forth while not checking where they come from ...

So for clarity sake I`m in favour of OVF as an open standard, assuming it is wiseley used :)

On a side note , One of the people commenting on Beaker's blog wondered if " he checks the signature of every piece of software he ever downloads" .. I let yum or apt-get do that for me..

It's not all black and white , Hope you enjoyed the show however :)