Nov 12 2009

Yet Another DNS Issue

While browsing trough my enormous mailinglist backlog I ran into the following message from Gianluca Cecchi on the DRBD-user mailing list

guess I`ll have to give Lars a T-Shirt when we next meet ;)

  1. From: Gianluca Cecchi
  2. To:
  3. Subject: [DRBD-user] notes on 8.3.2
  6. - drbdadm create-md r0 segfaults when the command "hostname" on the
  7. server contains the fully qualified domain name but you have put only
  8. the hostname part in drbd.conf
  9. Instead, the command "drbdadm dump" correctly gives you a warning in
  10. this case (suggesting how to correct the error you made....):
  12. suppose complete hostname is and you put
  13. virtfed alone in drbd.conf
  14. [root@virtfed ~]# drbdadm dump
  15. WARN: no normal resources defined for this host (!?
  17. while
  18. [root@virtfed ~]# drbdadm create-md r0
  19. Segmentation fault

Guess I`ll have to give the Linbit crowd a T-Shirt when we next meet ;)