Nov 14 2008

Migrate, MultiSite and Restyle


Some of my lower traffic sites were still on an old Drupal 5, others were at 6.4 and lots of modules were outdated. So I set out to migrate all the sites to a multisite setup. I now have a set of shared modules , shared themes and some specific ones .. just as it is meant to be. And I only have 1 central Drupal instance to upgrade. Next step is figuring out how to trigger the database upgrades from 1 central place.

Well 2 , ny personal stuff and our corporate sites, that's the idea. Personal site is on plain old Drupal 6.6 and for the corporate one we are thinking to go with Acquia Drupal, but we're not sure yet

I've added a new theme, however I can imagine most of you never saw the old one as most of you read this feed in an RSS readers, yet some people nagged me about my lack of style, and as over a decade ago I even won web design contests , something had to be done :)

I moved some blocks left and right and the performance of the site has improved drastically now, mainly slow technorati loading widgets in the left column often blocked loading, that's all gone now.

Also , as some of the commenters on earlier posts complained the main page has no CSS as it isn't in the CMS. So my next step is trying to find out a way that I can replace the now manually maintained files build from different includes into a more dynamical setup where I can also have feeds for my Publications and Presentations.

I`m wondering if there is any microformat or so out there for Presentations and Publications that I could use so other people could use that information in other sites.

After that there's just one site left to migrate.. but that migration won't be for next month as there is some custom modules involved that need to be ported.

Well.. off to some more content then :)