Bimodal IT , redefined

There's been a lot of discussion about the sillynes of the term BiModal IT, aka the next big thing for IT-organisations that don't dare to change, but still want to sound cool.

So here is my idea to reuse that term for something relevant.

BiModal IT, is the idea where you take a fully automated infrastructure which has been build on the principles of Infrastructure as Code. Which gets periodic idempodent updates (e.g every 15 or 30 minutes, or when you orchestrate it), and consistency checks , where the source code for that infrastructure is versioned , tested and delivered trough a traditional Continuous Delivery pipeline for the majority of your services. and add realtime reconfiguration capacities based on service discovery for the other services that really change fast, or in a real elastic way, using tools like Consul, Consul_template, etcd etc..

That way you have 2 modes of managing your infrastructure, aka BiModal


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