Apparently there are Borders

And therefore, sometimes you need to register domains in different countries.
So how does one proceed, one takes the zone file of the existing domain e.g. .be and creates a symlink for the different countries to the original zonefile e.g .nl and .eu . Afterall, you want to have te same hosts available in every country and you want to keep the hassle down when you update a host.

You tell your registrar, to reg the same domain for the other tld's with the usueal Nameservers , you know . the one that are listed in your original zonefile

So your host file might look like this

  1. IN NS ns1
  2. IN NS ns2

Any idea what the effect is ?

Exactly your zone file tells the world to use for each and every country you create it. So not as you intened.

Now some TLD's don't really care, but Frank teached me that .nl DOES check this. To technically I had to give myselve a "Freaking DNS" T-Shirt. Apart from that it is just better practise to keep your setup correct anyhow.

PS. Obviously same goes for .org .net and .com series.

PS2. Yes the title of my blog is Everything is a Freaking DNS problem, doesn't mean I don't make mistakes or that I know all the answers, I just figured it's a big cause of problems :)


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#1 Jay : I have never even tried to

I have never even tried to register anything but .coms and nets so this is good stuff to know for the future. :)

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#2 Frank : .fr is strict as well. .de

.fr is strict as well. .de requires you to have nameservers in different /24's etc... You know that .nl even gives a warning if "localhost A" isn't in the zone, citing some part in one of the RFCs... Sigh.

Wait till they start using DNSSEC