The Wired 1994 Report By Sleeping Dog / The Natives

(For Imphobia)

Wired : 29-31/10/94
It seems like my pc is lasting longer than 18 hours this time so I'm starting to write a party report at Wired right now. (I couldn't do this at Assembly 'cause my Hard Disk crashed after 18 hours.

The party place is big enough for the party, there are 2 main rooms where most of the groups have installed there equipment. The second room is only half filled with mostly Amiga and the other room with almost 100% PC. Wired is once again a party that shows that PC is taking over. The projectionroom is a nice amphitheathre where you can lie back and enjoy the presented stuff. And then there is also a good sleeping room. It's quiet and warm, what else do we need ?

So far we have had the welcome (about 1h45 min too late...). The Doom Compo about which we can tell that it sucked. The keycombinations of the game were completely changed so that one had to adapt his playing style. There was no shifting available so you could not run. (I'm still wondering how the organisation played the second level of Doom 2 withouth shifting. (NOT!)) And the games were on way too slow machines withouth soundcards. The big screen is what you can call 'The Perfect system' a really good screen with some cool audio equipment. No one can complain about it so far.

The first night they showed some cool demos, and 2 Cd-Movies , The Naked Gun 2,1/2 and Patriot Games. It is now sunday morning (cool song by the Velvet Underground) and we heard there are no money prizes (not really sure). During the afternoon people had the chance to come online at the big screen and present some new routines and stuff, but I didn't see anybody doing it. So we saw the whole bunch of top demos again. So far so good. Tasmaniac/Hypernova asked the organisers for the rules of the Suprise compo, about 2 hours later (around 15h30) we got them : PC Only, Max 4Kb (how obvious), and based on the word 'Wired'. The Deadlines were set at 18h (also for the 4kb intro).

You're probably interrested in which groups where at the Party Place. Here comes a short list (I'll probably miss some of them because I can't find out where everybody is sitting) SPC (former $PA), HypernovA (incl one ACiD member), Outlaws, Digital House, Distorsion,Isch Crew PC, Zuul, Imphobia Cascada, The Natives (former Coders In Action), Synergy Design (they didn't split, they are still alive and kicking , they even released an animation file), TFS, Imagine, Radical, Acme, Zion, J&J Productions, SemteX, Antares (obvious), Traxx, Black D-Zine, Melting Pot, Subnormals, Acme, Nostalgia, N-Factor, Flamoots,and some others I forgot..

The Competitions should start in 15 min (after tree changes of the deadlines..) so I'll try to find a good seat...

We're back the competions are over... now the less good part begins... First off all the competitions started with de PC Demo Competitions, normally the organisations should keep the best for last. I asked Access (organiser) if this was possible so that we could get first music, then gfx etc and he was quite positive about it but it seemed like the other organisers didn't like it that way do the competitions started with the PC Demo Compo First. There were 10 pc demos competing. DSL, Imagine, HypernovA, TDV/TFL, DFM, TFS, SemteX (no music), ZUUL, N-Factor, and Outlaws/PC released a Demo. Because the demo from Outlaws did not run properly the amiga modules were played. Afterwards we had the GFX compo and the Music compos. So the music compo ended around 02:30 and only the people that were competinge were listening to the modules.

The compos were over, time to catch the latest releases ans spread them. The organisation didn't want to release anything. Not the Mods, not the intros, not the gfx. Because they planned to release a CD with all the stuff on it, like so many parties before have tried, but none have ever succeeded. So there was only one solution left : Set up a network and release everything ourselves. So we did, on monday morning the whole network was set up and the groups that wanted to release something joined it. The result was that the organisation wanted a copy of my hardisk ;-))

On normal demo party the only kind of music you hear is house or techno at the wired party we were playing all kind off other music. Finally there was a prove that not all demofreaks are ravers. We played everything we wanted on the biggest system available : The Imagine music system.

Hmm... suppose I also have to write the results here ?? Lucky enough I released them before so I can just copy them into here...

It is a copy of the results that were written on the blackboard by the organisation of Wired'94 It is possible that there are writing mistakes.

PC Demos  (10 Entries)

1. Imagine		Necronomicon		207 pnts
2. TDV / TFL 		Contrast		172 pnts
3. Hypernova 		Voyages			140 pnts

Amiga Demos
1. Tradegy			Not sufficient entries so
   Chryseis				ex equo
			(Is the Amiga Scene Dying ??)

PC Intro
1. Isch Crew		203 pnts
2. DSL			180 pnts (can also be 160, can't read my
				  own writing anymore)
3. $PA			151 pnts

Amiga Intros

1. Melting Pots		Same comment as the Amiga Demos

1) Zuul 		287 pnts
2) Subnormars		184 pnts
3) TDV			117 pnts

Amiga GFX
1. Marsupilami 		124 pnts
2. Batwoman		109 pnts
3. Cyrix's Dick		 80 pnts

Music PC
1. Ovan			77 pnts
2. Follmod		70 pnts
3. Traxx		66 pnts

Amiga Music
1. Outlaws		172 pnts
2. Therapy		 89 pnts
3. Chrysesarp		 49 pnts

RayTracing Movies
1. Hypernova		111 pnts
2. $PA			 86 pnts
3. Synergy Design	 77 pnts

Suprise Competition PC
1. Hypernova		 79 pnts
2. Digital House	 69 pnts
3. Euphoria		 38 pnts
I guess that I wrote enough bulshit to waste your time... I can only advise you one thing now. Get the Wired Party Report by Subnormals and watch it. It's only 5Mb ;-)

Article written by Sleeping Dog / The Natives Final Note

Wired Update..
I just heard from one of the organisers of Wired '94 that there are some difficulties with the 2 groups that Organised the party this year. Some groups would not have received their prizes. So it the First Wired is possibly going to be the last. I hope this isn't true..

Sleeping Dog/The Natives