The After Assembly Party party report.

Sleeping Dog, 10:47 14/08/95

As we had to wait till the next day to get our plane back to Belgium we decided to go back to the youth hostel , get rid of our bags, take a shower, find something to eat and then Party time.
Model, Electron and Uncle Bob had found a place where there would be a great party : Zinzano. Because they had already eaten they went there before us (Csurfer, Martin, and me). We went to eat in a restaurant with Screamager, Blue Adonis and Tasmaniac first. It was rather easy to find the party place. When we arrived there was this huge queue of people waiting to get in, really incredible. Some of us had to cheat again to get in but that seemed to be no problem. (You have to be 18 or older to get in to a disco in Helsinki , and we had 2 people with us that were not 18 yet, but some simple card with your name on and a fake birthday is already enough to get in ;-)))

We found our other three friends back and started to party, when suddenly Arjan Brussee (author of JJ Rabbit) came over to us... "Everybody's here he shouted : LC, Gore, Erik, Stone, ... and not long after that we saw some familiar faces coming on the dance floor. So the whole scene who still was in Helsinki was in Zinzano; Mellow-D, Ior, Fly, Stone, Avatar, Erik Pojar, Arjan Brussee, the guy from Epsilon, Electron, Model 3000, Uncle Bob, Csurfer, Gore, Lord Cyrix, lot's of people from Soft One (and probably some other guys from Italy also) and Sleeping Dog (ain't that me ??) and some other guys I don't remember..

It's really fun to have such an after party party, we should have one after every party. This way you get to know the scene members even more and in a different way from the other party.

You get to know that the guy from Legend Design does some impossible footwork. You se Erik Pojar talking to a girl which he doesn't know, when you ask 'Who was that girl ?' he keeps on saying 'I don't know' (while we al knew he was lying ;-)) You find out why Arjan Brussee is sweating his socks of, 'caus he goes to the bathroom every 5 mins to put his head under the water.

The partyplace also had a basement where they wer playing more techno music. According to Electron the DJ really had everything good.. (he meant that he had all the Belgian Cherry Moon stuf ;-)))
In the other part of the basement ther was some more place to sit and where some of the scene members were resting down and having a beer. If you want to know how to get rid of some people from Xography and Legend Design follow this advice : go find Arjan Brussee and Lord Cyrix, give them both a couple of plastic mugs, as soon as they start to crash the mugs the other guys will leave faster than you'd ever dream of ;-) At least this trick worked one time ;-) If you want to have a finnish girl there's one big trick : stay sober ! And another thing... as soon as you start to headbang on Technocat you'll find some fellow scenemembers who'll gladly join you, at least if they have long hair.

Too bad we had to leave the party place around 4 a.m but hey, we also had to catch a plane 12 hours later ;-)

Well.. I'll certainly go to all possible after party parties I can go to from now on.. although I don't think I'd go to one after The Party 'cause then I don't get home in time for my birthday ;-)