Told Ya sooo

By now everybody and their neigbour has realized that indeed Everything is a funky dns problem, Frank is giving talks about it at ZooCamp, and Serge figured out the hard way the downtime of was due to a dns problem :)

But I told you different things before ... and some of you listened others are still reinventing the wheel as we go ...

Matt A. points out that the OpenBravo folks realized that one should try to build on top of Open Source projects rather than modify core code ..

Wonder where he read that before :
Some projects are prepared for local contributions, they have a modular framework that allows you to build on top of the project while not having to touch the core of a project, Drupal and openQRM are great examples of those, but not all projects are that smart. Needless to say that when you have such a modular framework you really shouldn't be modifying the core part of the platform, unless you are fixing a real bug.

Over at the MySQLPerformance blog, Peter points out that Open source projects don't do big fat marketing campaigns and the community doesn't appreciate features being developed in a corner then being released with a big bang ... we prefer our releases Early and Often...

On Automating Software installations, a Tom Limoncelli about how we install software and debug setups, with a nice quote "Oh my god. Is that why nobody uses the GUI we spend millions to develop?".
Well Luke said it before .. If my computer can't install it .. the installer is broken

Stephen Walli has some good toughts on how Open Source vendors should setup their partner programs, indeed with their eyes wide open ..

I ranted on Open Source Vendors thinking they should still work with partners models and the channel the traditional way before

However I have to admit that over the last month I did talk to people that do understand our Love / Hate relation ship with the Open Source Vendors that want to partner with us .. and that some of the newer Open Source Vendors are actually attracted by our different way of tackling partnerships.

Oh well.. as Tarus says .. my 3 readers understand..


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#1 Tiho : The toughts of Stephen Walli

The toughts of Stephen Walli how Open Source vendors should setup their partner programs, indeed with their eyes wide open are really good ..

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#2 Arjen Lentz : modular vs integrated

There's no single "correct" answer.
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