hackers bike ride

Jul 31 2008

OLS Day 5

What , you didn't know OLS had 6 full days ? Sure thing.. if you include the pre OLS Minconfs then the 4 days of conference and then sunday to recover from the Black Thorne event and get on your (rental) bike for the Hacker Bike Ride . All together 6 days ..

The Bike Ride is the must do event where you can see Peter Anvin french kiss a penguin, or is that just the way you boot a Penguin ?
While eating some Burgers and HotDogs at the 2008 LITW, Linux in the Wild BBQ hosted by the Ottawa Linux User Group. Great event.. nice sights . and thnx for all the fish .. euh meat :)

That said .. my ols2008 pictures are now also online