MythTV Fixed

I guess I really was the only one still using the original program guide and not using the one from

So after replacing my good old mythfilldatabase script with the one as listed there things are back to normal and my database is filled again.

Last mythfilldatabase run started on 2008-10-14 22:01 and ended on 2008-10-14 22:01. mythfilldatabase ran, but did not insert any new data into the Guide. This can indicate a potential problem with the XML file used for the update.
There's guide data until 2008-10-19 19:00 (5 days).


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#1 Jon : The mythportal guys had

The mythportal guys had gotten their guide data back up, but it only lasted a couple days. I have no info left and I'm not sure who else has it. Any ideas?

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#2 Jon : I wasn't using the one from

I wasn't using the one from either. I was grabbing a file from It looks they stopped getting data too. However, when I grabbed the file from mythportal, it was empty. Are you having this problem, too?

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#3 Tim Lathouwers : Both seem to have the same issue...

Apparently has changed their site to redirect any direct call for their .asp pages. So apparently the call to doesn't get the desired response.

The nerdhero guys use the tv_grab_be_tvb script from pytvgrab. They didn't actually write their own grabber as I understand it.

I don't know if the grabber of mythportal would be easily changed or not... So i guess it's just wait and see which is online again first...

I asked one of the nerdhero guys that I know uses mythtv himself to have a looksee, but the last time I saw him he told me he didn't really use the TV part of mythtv anymore, just the video part... So I'm not sure he even noticed the problem yet.