Zabbix 1.5.4 Woes

I was trying to check out the new Zabbix beta's when I ran into a couple of problems. Mostly missing dependencies but also some bugs.

The big troubles start when trying to install the frontent.
It seems like php code shipped in the last release might well work when you are upgrading but it fails when you are doing a fresh install. As I never got a Setup Wizard.

The clue is to get the most recent code from their SVN repo svn co svn:// , that actually allows you to run the setup wizard.

If you are installing the latest RPM's they are also not really requiring all the dependencies you need to run the frontend.

yum/apt-get install php-bcmath php-pear

Will get you a step further.

Another thing is the new password policy.. it seems the Admin/blank is gone.
I have no clue what the new password is but you are encouraged to set it yourselve in the mysql database

md5('new_pass') or echo -n new_pass | md5sum will help you .

Big thnx to the friendly folks over at #zabbix on for helping me out earlier.

Next steps .. debugging autodiscovery :)