New Toys

I`m slowly settling in my new home office. the paint is dry since about 5 months now , the rack is fully operational and my cluster test environment is almost up and running.
My TuxScreen is finally being used for what it was designed, making phonecalls. And my Imac has been turned into an Ubuntu machine. But I needed some new equipment , Jacke could spare me an old Cisco 2945 swich that could replacy my old 16 port 10Mb hub and another temporary 8port 100Mb switch and he also had a spare KVM.
Altough I`m used working with a 2950 on my desk at the office, having a 2945 in my rack at home is different, it makes a hell of a noise. I`m wondering if I can just pull out 3 of the 4 fans in there , anyone experience on that ?

I've also finally ordered my new HTPC machine, should be arriving next week, more fun time coming up.

At the office our Asterix Developers Kit has also arrived , so more fun time there also :0