OLS 2008 Presentation

So Tom and I just finished our Systems Monitoring Shootout talk here at OLS 2008.

The talk was fairly wel attended and gained a lot of hallway afterchatter. (We ran almost out of time so we took the Q&A in the Hallway so the next speaker could start his talk).

I've placed the presentation online already for your viewing pleasure ..

The Vote for your favourite monitoring tool is still open so please vote !

While here in Ottawa we got news that our talk was also selected for the upcoming Nagios conference in Germany in September.. so Tom will be presenting it there again.
Most probably with even more findings !

Anyway .. back to the conference now .. trying to catch up with my other writings :)


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#1 Ingvar Hagelund : Where's munin

Cacti was mentioned several times in the presentation. Munin was left out.


Munin is a system statistics gatherer/grapher with a lot of features, active development and large user community. It is included in Debian and Fedora and packages are available for at least RHEL/CentOS, SuSE, and FreeBSD, and works on most other Unixes too.


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#2 Ghosty : monitoring shootout

not sure if you have seen this one already but a colleague attended me on this link:

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#3 Matt Ray : Very thorough presentation

Thanks for putting that online, nice to see everything put together in one presentation. A minor clarification, for Zenoss HA for Community users we typically refer them to this document on our site:
Perhaps the Linux/Unix crowd doesn't care too much, but we are also the only one of the contenders that does native WMI monitoring of Windows by default (not just SNMP). Thanks for the review, hope to see you in the Zenoss forums.

Matt Ray
Zenoss Community Manager