Blue Prints for High Availability

I started reading Blueprints for High Availability since it was mentionned multiple times in different threads ao. by LMB. (eheh.. by looking up this link I noticed Lars updated his homepages and started blogging :))

If you ever plan on doing something that's higly available and you want to know where to start this is a must read, to be honest I was expecting more "Ah , so this is how you should do it " kind of things rather than
"Hmm.. yeah .. that's the way I do it" .. but that's probably more because of my background than because of the content of the book.

I also found them to be a bit to short on the fact that security is also an important part of High Availability since if your systems are compromised they aren't available anymore, let's blame that on my security background :)

If you are looking for a Hands on guide on how to build a HA cluster, this is not the book you need :) But I`m still not sure which book I should advise you to read then .., but this is the book you should have read before that one

I still want to repeat the most important rule in HA here :Keep it Simple !