Fosdem 2008, looking back

Fosdem is over .. and it was ... overcrowded :(

Honestly trying to squeeze into an overcrowded bar, then on saturday overcrowded rooms, or even not being able to enter that room (Mozilla and Embedded) , Fosdem is starting to become the victim of it's own success.

Some people are suggesting Fosdem to move to the Arenberg campus in "Brussels-East" dunnow if Leuven can actually host enough beds for Fosdem :)
However the Beer event problem would be solved but Philip will have to make arrangements with 'The greatest bar of Western Europe"

The talk about Xen on ARM was interresting however the grande finale missed, the MiniOS just didn't boot :( Kettle was interresting and I should start spending time with it :) But then again .. so are a zillion other things Too bad the SWOT analysis between Postgress and MySQL got cancelled.
but it left me some breathing space :)

The evening ended with a mixed crowd of local Linux geeks and Drupal folks in the restaurant on walking distance.

On sunday morning I realized it must be the Fosdem weekend when you are on the E19 direction Brussels around 0900 and there is no traffic :)

I was right on time for the Drupal 6 and 7 talks from Gabor and Dries , which off course meant I was going to be too late for Ian's talk. Luckily I catched the important parts. The virtualbox talk disappointed me .. this was a marketing talk for endusers, not a talk suitable for Fosdem :(

Pascal learned that integration Amazon basically is a fine dns problem :) Then after some chatter with the MySQL crowd I headed into the Conary talk.. I was expecting a bit more information around their rbuilder system
I wondered into too much talks on sunday afternoon . the MySQL Proxy talk , the end of atogs talk which he didn't want to repeat :) Karan's talk .. etc.

I had to miss Simon's talk about Posgtress HA on sunday for the obvious reason , but luckily I could catch him on saturday to get a short sneak preview..

But more about those obvious reasons in a separate post :)

My Pics are over here. You'll be recognising Jan Kneschke, LVB , Thomas Bonte , Geert Vanderkelen, Dries, Gabor,Matt Casters and others.