I Hate hardware !!

Yesterday I realised that already missed a zillion deadlines for different conference Call For Papers, too bad .. that will leave me with more time to actually work on some projects :)

Such as reinstalling some laptops that are still on Redhat 9 which now have been upgraded to Ubuntu , such as trying to fix the disks in my x220 so that my backups and picture archive are actually safe , trying to get a working kernel for my Hompaq with a crappy SATA RAID controller , so that it can be used for my cluster tests and trying to get some color on my HTPC when in X. (It s in color when it boots in text mode but it's in greyscale when in X, must be the TV-Set itselve) , and trying to get the HP PSC 2355 to also work as a scanner (the 2350 is listed to work but the 2355 currently only prints) and finishing a couple of articles that I have been working on :)
There's an openpower machine from IBM at the office that I haven't even looked at for more than 5 minutes .. luckily some of the other collegues have :) And the Nokia 770 is changing owner every couple of days at the office, I can wait . I don't have time to play with it anyway ..

Back to the virtual world then, if you want to play on a virtual Cisco check this out :)