Just got a mail in my inbox .. the Flock developer preview is out.. still curious what Flock is all about I clicked, clicked, waited and unpacked the archive.
So here's a first hint .. lots of mozilla related stuff in the tarbal, so it's a browser... with some extras..
Ok ..Let's have a loser look .. you need a blog, a del.icio.us acount and hmm.. that's it.. ok , that's not too much asked. Right so now I`m sharing bookmarks ..
Ok So flock integrates with del.icio.us for my bookmarks. But since I don't have a "compliant" blog , I can't use it's other features..

Still wondering why this is in Belgian Open source work ?

Well, they didn't get me as a new user yet .. I'll be looking again at new releases .. this looks interresting but it's not world shocking.. Yet