Pics from the good old days

This afternoon there was like this "I've been using Linux since Slackware version X" and "I've been using it since version X-1" , "Oh no, I remember having to install Linux from floppies (SLS), then there was this old distribution called Ygdrassil something etc etc.. but none of us actually really remembered. However we ran into some pictures of early Linux events in Belgium, according to Fets it was in 1993

It was actually one of the first Linux info sessions held at the, InfoGroup at the VUB , upon arriving there I realised that the VUB was not going to be the place where I would study

Funky showed the audience how to Install Linux om a machine, that must have been my first Linux workshop ever :)

To be honest I only remember 3-4 people from these pictures , still wonder where they all went. If any of you is reading this mail me :)
Also I`ll buy anyone who knows who I am on above the pictures a beer :))

This links has more pics from these days