Back to "normal" work :)

So I've catched up with my reports on LinuxKonference in Hamburg, it was great as always :) I still haven't catched up with reporting on lots of reading I have been doing lately :)

Fred is off to Euroscon to give a talk about Mobile Tin laptops.
And I`m about to finish up on some code so I can finally put it online , clean up my presentation and paper so those can finaly be put online, and start working on openMosix at 2.6 again :)
Next to that I still have some work to do getting my PVR working, I also need to get the scanning part of our new HP All In one printer working (Till told me over dinner last week it should work so.. I need to make some time) and there is an IBM openpower 720 lying around at the office that I needs to be tested , SystemImager and LVM needs some testing
Oh did I mention I still need to get some work done during daytime also ? , the above mentionned stuff is only the fun stuf :)