Yasn, but something totally different

So the last couple of weeks we've been laughing at different new social networks .. wondering what the use of all those seemingly identical services is as we were looking for that killer extra service they are offering and why on earth (apart from identdity protection) we would want to sign up with with it.

Now Luke just pointed to Puppet being added on Ohloh. I remembered Ohloh and decided it deserved a second look.

I was positively surprised.. Ohloh lets you "stack" the Open Source projects you use then it suggests you with people that use similar tools, or similar tools.

If you stack Drupal it suggests you alternatives you don't need :)

But it also shows you a list of the Top Contributors

If you are an active contributor to a project there is more , it calculates your experience based on your commits in projects.. heck.. not really accurate as it lists me with 3 months C/C++ experience . And you can get Kudo's for your work :)

Now all it needs is being able to link with your friends so you can figure out what tools they are using :)