Getting strange phonecalls.

I just got the strangest phonecall, An older woman (I guess) looking for contact information , a phonenumber of one of my old bosses (Rudy Hageman).
Apart from the fact that I used to be listed as dns contact for RealSoftware nothing could actually lead to my mobile phone number as the primary point of contact.

She first asked me if I knew him , off course , but I haven't seen the man since I left his company about 5 year ago. Then she asked if I had his phone number , but even if I had one it would have been an old one. I suggested she called 1207 to get his phonenumber telling her she should look around Edegem/Kontich since that where he lived. I know his private address but I wasn't going to give that to anyone. She then asked me If I could give her contact information for RealSoftware, I replied that since he doesn't work there anymore , she should rather try to contact him at his new company.

She was surprised that I knew all those things, to me they were general knowledge, everyone who follows our local IT economy even from a large distance knows these things. Anyway I told her the name of the new company and had a look at it's homepage while spelling it. And guess what I found in the contact section .. exactly , a mobile phone number and an address. I made a woman really really happy :) Little does she know that I now have her name, address , phonenumber

Wasted 2 minutes of my time, and had a good laugh afterwards Afterall, it probably was just a fscking DNS problem :)