San Diego Computer Museum is closed :(

When I visited San Diego a couple of years ago I spent some time in the San Diego Computer Museum , I just learned that it is currently closed and looking for a new location, It would really be a shame if this museum whold have to close it's doors permanently. When first visiting boston I had to learn that the computer museum that once existed there then had merged into another museum (the Mos Museum Of Science iirc) , however when visiting almost none of the expected machines could be found. Some museums such as the Melbourne Museum and the Powerhouse museum in Sydney still have some interresting machines on exhibit but apart from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View (which I've not visited yet) I haven't found any location that gives a good overview of computer history.

I can imagine lots of machines that are still functional and that could have an educational value hidden in some basements al over the planet (including mine). So If anyone around is interresting in setting up a new Computer Museum in Europe/Belgium send me a mail.. I'll probably be able to provide you with some interresting hardware !

Update: just found out about the PC Museum in Switzerland :)) got to visit that some day :)