Links of the afternoon

Lots of new and interresting stuff on the web these days.

First of all the Centos community has a now. Were I ran into the brand new feed of Field Commander Wieers Dag was long overdue setting up a blog but he finally made it and he already pointed me to interresting stuff :)

Then there is Peter Vandenabeele who also decided to start up a blog.

And last but not least I ran into Dev2Ops , upon sending that link to a collegue he asked me if I was behind that site .. I`m not :)

Dev2Ops clearly is tackling the stuff I`m involved with on a daily base. How do you deploy and upgrade software and it's configuration for different similar machines in the field.
The have a couple of nice polls on their site which interrest me:
How do you disribute software releases for in-house developed applications? and How do you maintain
system configuration files?
. Just go a head and vote . I`m interrested in the results.
My votes were on using pacakges (rpm/deb) using apt or yum and off course Puppet ! ;)

BTW.. It makes me wonder .. who is NOT using Drupal these days :))