Juliux End of Life Announcement

Raf posted the Juliux End Of Life announcement a couple of days ago, http://www.x-tend.be/pipermail/juliux-dev/2007-August.txt
We started Juliux about 2 years ago with as idea to create an open source alternative for the back then proprietary RedHat Satelite and the back then totally broken ZLM from Novell. We set out to build a webbased platform from where you could do package management for a hybrid set of servers, with as a second version target to also integrate some form of configuration management. We even presented our proof of Concept at the 2006 UKUUG Lisa Conference

RedHat in the meanwhile announced open sourceing Satellite, but more importantly Puppet became more popular and more feature rich.
One of the features that came in puppet that made me rethink Juliux was the fact that you could do package management including installation etc within Juliux, so I started thinking about making Juliux a webfrontend that used Puppet as a back end.

The ideas were good, but we really didn't have time to focus on developing the things we wanted to write. So when I ran into PuppetShow the time was right to refocus the little efforts we were spending and as Raf announced he now will be working on PuppetShow when he has time.

Funny . there was a time when I was thinking about rebranding Julux to PuppetMaster, or Master of Puppets, but I actually like PuppetShow better .. So we had similar ideas , only Luke had more time to implement his ideas .

Time often is an issue in opensource development. There's lots of stuff that I have in my head that could easily be written .. but I don't always have time to do it myselve or other people available that can write it for me .. :( Well.. maybe one day :)