Supporting an Infrastructure

I dream of a world where a customer logs a support call, or a ticket
is created by a network monitoring tool.

A support engineer accepts the call and looks at the problem.

(Off course the environment is fully documented in a structured way ,
e.g docbook style, and one has a logbook of all the events that happened
before the support call).

The engineer solves the call and documents his changes in the ticketing
system, these notes are automatically added to the infrastructures'

When an engineer has to modify substantial amount of documentation she
opens up the documentation site and start editing wiki style the
documentation , or uses the plaintext version that she has checked out
of a repository and commits it back afterwards.

Upon closing a call the customer gets an automatically generated update
of his documentation (generated in .rtf / .pdf or online)"

Uff course the engineer only has 1 place where he/she should point a
browser to .

I don't think it's that far away .. however someone needs to integrate these tools

In case you're wondering which tools

  • s/ticketing system/otrs/g;
  • s/network monitoring tool/nagios/g;
  • s/documented structured way/docbook sgml/g;
  • s/repository/cvs|svn/g;
  • s/documentation site/dookbookwiki/g;