Everything is a Fscking DNS Problem, the T-Shirt !

Get it Now! ;)

Ok so I`m not planning on making money with it , but as people keep missing the point , it is time for a broader campaing to spread the word :

Everything is a freaking DNS Problem

no really, it is .. and if it's not well...we have a list of other issues that might cause your problems but they are only worth looking at , AFTER we excluded the DNS issues.
So get those T-Shirts, and wear them as much as you can so that each time someone starts complaining about his slow ssh access to a machine, you just have to point him to the text on your chest.
After a while they'll realise your right :)

BTW: I only bought the original black & white T-Shirt with Text so far, but the quality seems really good so I hope the same for the other designs.