A really short summary of Belgian OpenSource Contributions

But far from a complete one :(

Looking at the Linux Kernel, who doesn't know people such as Peter p2-mate De Schrijver and
Geert Compu Uytterhoeven who are both active in different area's of kerneldevelopment

Looking at webapplication frameworks we have both Drupal and Dokeos that are the most used applications in their areas.

Destkop wise we have both Gstreamer and Gnomemeeting

Clusterknoppix was made in Leuven and is the nr 1 openMosix instant Cluster CD around.

Early work on porting Java to Linux was indeed done by people that live in our country
I haven't even started mentionning all of the other Java stuff , that would probably take me at least a week to list everything :)

Last one for today is the world's favourite LDAP Gui, GQ was even menttionned by Tridge it during his LCA2005 talk .

I only spend 5 minutes writing this down .. so I really must have missed a lot of them :)
Do you know others ?