Living in Structured Text files :)

Everybody knows that the average human brain isn't designed to be able to memorise all possible facts, phonenumbers, passwords, tips, tricks , command line options etc etc, so keeping stuff stored somewhere o n a safe location might be a wise thing to do
Living In Text Files might be a good idea at first but I prefer to live in a structured Text text file.

A structured text file (such as a docbook based xml or even sgml document) gives you a couple of extra benefits.
I structure my notes a chapter a day, then subsections for eacht topic I`m working on.

What I get back is an unlimted ammount of data that I will need afterwards. From my day to day notes I can easily build project documentation , I can grep trough my docs for important strings , and If I really don't know what string to look for I can at least go have a look based on the date I wrote it.. Mostly I have some idea when I did something.

The key thing is to document everything, from command line options you don't frequently use to errors in log files and how you solved them.
From meeting minutes to failure in things you tried. Trial and error needs to be documented in order not to make the same errors again :)

So Yes I Live in Text files, even a couple of big ones but they are structured