A small bit of chaos since the building where the talks were
yesterday was closed, no signs or anything so after talking to some
people I figured out they moved to the basement of another building

The FAI talk , I`m interrested how this differs from SystemImager
etc , Thomas Lange even mentions a couple of
times. He also mentions the only good way when using imaging (golden
image etc) is when you automatically build the image (with FAI) ,
what can I say more.. (GMTA? :)) Off course I build the images
either with systeminstaller ,deboostrap or yum (--install=$PATH -y groupinstall Base Apart from installing Thomas explains how he
modifies config files using CFengine , he also mentions that you
should be using cfengine to modify existing config files but not create config files with them.

Thomas mentions future RPM distro support based on smartpm No Xen integration yet :) Sometimes talks are great, not because you learn something but because they totally confirm that the way you are doing things is the good way to do it.

Hands off , on the other way of automating Debian installs , Philip explains he needed a way to install Debian for people with no infrastructure, (people with no (reverse) dns knowledge etc)

It seems that started with a tradition that is spreading to the rest of the planet now, last conference day lunch == pizza fight.
As we have to be back in Dover at a reasonable hour I`ll be skipping the last talks in order to be able to check out or the hotel :)

Looking back the UKUUG Conference is one of the more interresting conferences around , a nice location combined with interresting topics , Alasdair did a great job organising the event, thnx a lot !