I first went to the "Experiences of a large linux deployment in
education." talk of which the title already got changed to "a linux
deployment", no sign of the large part :( Which was rather
dissapointing for me. However the talk was interesting anyway. They
mainly discussed thin client solutions using LTSP. With 1 server
they serve about 35 users. (dual cpu 4Gb) Using blade servers (IBM)
only for standardisation reasons.

They had a relevant complaint about Memory utilisation of both
OpenOffice, Gnome and KDE, where's the time when we squezed everything into 4Kb :)

Moving to adopting a driver where Matthew Wilcox explained how you
can end up maintaining a subsystem and called for more volunteers :)

Linux and ACPI, a brave new world of power management, a good and
detailed explanation of why ACPI is so difficult, where's the time
that VGA mode was really VGA mode (just set a couple of registers and int 13h right ? )

System Tap, rerun of an OLS 2005 talk , it introduces a new tool to
diagnose complex system problem while not having to rebuild / reboot
your environment too much. It's based on the kprobes infrastructure
and not only aimed at kernel developers alone ;)

Lunch, great lunch, som curries with rice, nice .. reminds me of the
Lunches at LinuxKongress and the Pizza party at LCA.

BSD Talk about Mitigating Security , somehow this reminds me of the
RedHat security talk at Fudconf 2005 Linux, well, at least some of
the parts do :)

Missed Bdale's talk at .. and now I finally know what
bouncing of the moon is :) The most interresting part of the talk is
the reason why people have been working so hard on gnu radio,
because this way they prevent legislation to disallow them to
reverse engineer hdtv since there already is an open source version available that can display it.

On to , Steve Coast claims to be the new Wikipedia
for but then for Maps, just as wikipedia was after their first year
they have a good starting point that contains some usefull maps and
with the help of the community it will grow, maybe I should hook up a GPS to my car and start feeding them some info. We need more
detailed freely available maps of Antwerp and surroundings :)

Napi talk from Jamal Hadi Salim , with some benchmarking regardingNapi.

Now am I asleep or did I just see Christoph having to use Jamals
laptop cause his Powerbook doesn't wan't to work on the projector ?
Anyway we can sleep safe since Christoph just confirmed that he is
not a spy working for Sco (anymore):)

Seems like a hughe amount of presentations are having problems with
the projectors ;( There is some urgent need for people to fix this.

After the Conference Dinner, we had Dave Miller giving the Keynote ,
he gave a nice overview of Netconf, on who is doing what, what we'll
see in the new kernels. I've got no notes as I was trying to make sure Dave didn't fall over my feet while giving his talk, and I
usually don't run around with my laptop at conference dinners :)