iMon for Linux

Just ran into the Linux Drivers for Soundgraph Imon page , google really hid it well this time.
Got a working module now

The lsusb output shows

root@mythtv-fc3 misc# lsusb 
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 15c2:ffdc

Upon modprobing lirc_imon we get

 lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, at major 61
/usr/src/lirc-0.7.1/drivers/lirc_imon/lirc_imon.c: Driver for Soundgraph iMON MultiMedian IR/VFD, v0.3
/usr/src/lirc-0.7.1/drivers/lirc_imon/lirc_imon.c: Venky Raju <>
/usr/src/lirc-0.7.1/drivers/lirc_imon/lirc_imon.c: imon_probe: found IMON devicelirc_dev: lirc_register_plugin: sample_rate: 0
/usr/src/lirc-0.7.1/drivers/lirc_imon/lirc_imon.c: imon_probe: Registered iMON plugin (minor:0)
/usr/src/lirc-0.7.1/drivers/lirc_imon/lirc_imon.c: imon_probe: iMON device on usb<2:2> initialized
usbcore: registered new driver lirc_imon

And irw gives us the following output

root@mythtv-fc3 misc# irw
0000000029b715b7 00 AppLauncher iMON-PAD
00000000288195b7 00 AppExit iMON-PAD
00000000298115b7 00 Record iMON-PAD
0000000028a195b7 00 Enter iMON-PAD
0000000028b715b7 00 MouseMenu iMON-PAD
000000002b8195b7 00 WindowsKey iMON-PAD
00000000299115b7 00 MouseKeyboard iMON-PAD
0000000028a395b7 00 Vol+ iMON-PAD
0000000028a595b7 00 Vol- iMON-PAD
00000000289395b7 00 Ch+ iMON-PAD
00000000288795b7 00 Ch- iMON-PAD
000000002b8395b7 00 Timer iMON-PAD
000000002b9595b7 00 Mute iMON-PAD
0000000028b595b7 00 1 iMON-PAD
000000002bb195b7 00 2 iMON-PAD
0000000028b195b7 00 3 iMON-PAD
000000002a8595b7 00 4 iMON-PAD
00000000299595b7 00 5 iMON-PAD
000000002aa595b7 00 6 iMON-PAD
000000002b9395b7 00 7 iMON-PAD
000000002a8515b7 00 8 iMON-PAD
000000002aa115b7 00 9 iMON-PAD
0000000028b515b7 00 ShiftTab iMON-PAD
000000002ba595b7 00 0 iMON-PAD
0000000029a115b7 00 Tab iMON-PAD

As said before.. to be continued :)

And I got to see some results from the remote :