HTPC Hardware Arrived !

When first starting to look at what hardware I wanted for a HTPC machine, I was looking at a SilverStone LC04 casing.
It seemed that this kind of case is really realy difficult to find in Belgium :(
So I finaly oppted to go for a iUNEED case with the following config:

1 x UNeed HV5 - HTPC Case - Black 
1 x Silent Micro ATX PSU 
1 x AMD Athlon 64 2800+ (1.8 GHz) - socket 754 - 512K L2 64Bit
1 x PC3200 DDR 512 MB - 184pins - PC400 - CAS3 SimpleTech 
1 x MSI K8N Neo3 FSR / Socket 754 / nVidia nForce 4 / ATX motherboard 
1 x Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 200GB S-ATA 8MB 9ms 7200RPM 
1 x NEC ND-3520/3540 Dual Layer - Black DVDRW-6,DVDRW+8,DVDR-16X,DVDR-16X,DVD12,CDRW24,CDR48   
1 x Creative Labs Audigy 2 ZS PCI 
1 x MSI nVidia GeForce NX6200TC-TD64E - 64MB PCI-Express 
1 x Hauppauge PVR500

After a long wait and realising that the Uneed cases had even bigger problems being delivered my supplier suggested to go with even another SilverStone case.
As a 6 weeks wait was already long enough I decided to take their offer and go for a LC10B.

Upon arrival I was really disappointed. This case is about double the size of the case I initally wanted
and eventhough I ordered a slient power supply the case itselve has 3 hughe fans :(

I`m taking my first steps in HTPC land now and I`ll be reporting my experiences here :)

First dissapointement of the project was the fact that the remote control that came supplied with the case currently has no Linux support.
So I`ll have to go shopping again for a Remote Control that works. I am already communicating with the people that produced the Remote and they currently have no plans to release Linux software for it but they plan on giving the specs to "the linux developer". I`m wondering wether they mean Linus or Greg KH , or just any Linux Developer that ask them.

I'm hoping on more feedback on this subject soon.

To be continued ..