After 10+ years of using ircii and more recenlty epic as my favourite chat client, since yesterday I have changed to Gaim as my default irc client, despite the fact that itsn't command line based it gives me all the irc channels and servers I need in 1 window and on top of it I even get a nice jabber client with it. !

Makes one wonder .. I first joined irc somewhere 93-94 ish because I wanted to chat with the people I knew from the demoscene, most of them were located abroad , mostly .fi and .se , and dialing to their BBS's was just to expensive. While at #coders , #daskmig I even cofouned #nlcoders but got more in contact with people from #vlaanderen and later on For the fun I just tried to have a look on the different channels I used to frequent, lots of them still exist , strange thing is .. I still know people on most of these channels :)

Irc evolved from a purely recreational thing to a tool I use daily to keep in touch with collegues, to remotely debug problems and help them the world has changed a lot ..
irc is still the same :)