XenMan , First Experiences

I ran into XenMan a couple of days ago it seems to require Xen 3.0.2
Needs FC5 and Xen 3.0.2 so I upgraded my running Xen platform on FC5.

Altough it looks nice at first, you can easily install new FC5 instances from within the application, A couple of annoyanies occured, it seems like Xenman
can't parse multiline disk configs that are no problem for Xen itselve.
I also can't find LVM support which is crucial., so I`m stuck with large loopback files. Their Create Domain option screen also expects me to work with multi
G disks , where as in a typical Virtual Machine environment I tend to keep my disk as small as possible, partitions of a couple of hundred megs really aren't exceptional

Sometimes an error compeletely aborts the program

Error: I need 129 MiB, but dom0_min_mem is 256 and shrinking to 256 MiB would leave only 37 MiB free.

Is a fair error, but even when this error occurs you should be able to other actions from the gui, not having to restart it again.

Oh when one of those installs fails Xenman doesn't clean up after itselve. (:() Upon retrying with more memory available, it works, it quickly created
a virtual machine that starts installing Fedora.
In my first attempt it stopped , probably because I only gave it 64 Mb to play
An installation of FC5 eventually succeeded, however booting the actuall image was yet another issue. At first it started booting the installer again.

I filed a couple of bugs to their sf.net account and they seem fairly repsonsive to them .. so this might become a really good product in the future... one to keep an eye on..