Linuxtag 2005

LinuxTag 2005 is over, we went there with the bigger part of the X-Tend team, 10 people in total.

My impressions tell me that I've been to better editions of LinuxTag, My first complaint is that it really shouldn't call itselve an international conference because it is too German centric
Being a former speaker at LinuxTag , I already told Nils a couple of times but this year I heard more similar feedback from other people. Even when asking speakers to do their talks in English beforehand they still gave the talks in German :( I have no problem with introductiion level talks in German to satisfy the local audience, but more advanced topics should be in English, or French :)

Every talk differs and there were quite a number of interresting talks (especially in the FudCon II track ), but some talks need to find another forum.
During one talk one of the collegues sitting next to me remarked "This is a talk where .org sold out to .com". A talk where the first 15 slides are irrelevant marketing material from some hardware vendor does not fit at a LinuxConference, it might fit at a vendor event about Open Source (hmm.. I even remember seeing similar slides from the MySQL conference from the same vendor ) but not at LinuxTag. (imvho)

Apart from those only small things annoyed me, no wifi access in the auditoria (unlike last years) and the fact that the doors to the zoo had signs posted that we shouldn't enter the zoo that way.
When checking later with the organisation it seemed that we still should be able to enter the zoo, somehow :)