Monitoring MySQL

The slides for my Monitoring MySQL talk , which I gave earlier today in an overcrowded MySQl Developersroom at Fosdem are now online, both at my site and at Slideshare

As of now I actually expect people to use those slides for schoolwork or next year in a main Fosdem track :)
As afterall that is the goal of Open Source and spreading the word ..


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#1 Manuel Schuhe : :-)

Thank you very much for the presenation. I can use this :-)

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#2 Mark Hinkle : Nice Comparision

Thanks for the run down on OSS monitoring tools for MySQL. I'm going to look at incorporating more metrics into our Zenpacks.

Thanks, Mark

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#3 Bram : It was interesting indeed, as

It was interesting indeed, as were most of the mysql talks I attended. Thanks a bunch for putting those slides online, going to have a closer look at zabbix and zenoss i think :-)

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#4 Xavier : Very nice presentation! Back

Very nice presentation! Back from FOSDEM, I was not able to attend due to a schedule conflict. Thanks for posting the slides so quickly!

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#5 Anonymous : Thanks.

I couldn't arrive to the speach... last night beers... you know! ;)

Thank you for the slides!