Drupal 6 , Social Networking

As posted earlier Packt was so kind to send me their Drupal 6 , Social Networking for review.

My hopes were high, I was hoping for some info on how to integrate with different existing networks, content about existing frameworks, maybe some mentioning of openAtrium or so, or integrating with Twitter or other existing platforms.

Sadly the book only briefly touches similar content, the Google API , in Chapter 7

While a good read, and a good introduction to Drupal for new users I didn't learn anything till chapter 7 and anything after Chapter 7 ;( And I don't consider myselve as a Drupal Expert

So would I advise the book to anyone, it depends, on who's asking. Personally I'd title the book different, it's a good introduction to Drupal with guidelines on getting userinteraction on your site, but to call that a Social network .. no....

I'd advise the book to an enduser new at Drupal, not to a developer with experience in other frameworks, or even Drupal