Devops in Munich

Devopsdays Mountainview sold out in a short 3 hours .. but there's other events that will breath devops this summer.
DrupalCon in Munich will be one of them ..

Some of you might have noticed that I`m cochairing the devops track for DrupalCon Munich,
The CFP is open till the 11th of this month and we are still actively looking for speakers.

We're trying to bridge the gap between drupal developers and the people that put their code to production, at scale.
But also enhancing the knowledge of infrastructure components Drupal developers depend on.

We're looking for talks both on culture (both success stories and failure) , automation,
specifically looking for people talking about drupal deployments , eg using tools like Capistrano, Chef, Puppet,
We want to hear where Continuous Integration fits in your deployment , do you do Continuous Delivery of a drupal environment.
And how do you test ... yes we like to hear a lot about testing , performance tests, security tests, application tests and so on.
... Or have you solved the content vs code vs config deployment problem yet ?

How are you measuring and monitoring these deployments and adding metrics to them so you can get good visibility on both
system and user actions of your platform. Have you build fancy dashboards showing your whole organisation the current state of your deployment ?

We're also looking for people talking about introducing different data backends, nosql, scaling different search backends , building your own cdn using smart filesystem setups.
Or making smart use of existing backends, such as tuning and scaling MySQL, memcached and others.

So lets make it clear to the community that drupal people do care about their code after they committed it in source control !

Please submit your talks here


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#1 Andrew Claiton : I do know several people who

I do know several people who will fit to your requirements, so I will let them know about your proposal.

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#2 Stanimir : Hi Kris, you have a great

Hi Kris,

you have a great blog - just got vagrant running after reading one of your posts.. +1 reader from now on :)


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#3 patcon : So. Excited. For this. Glad

So. Excited. For this.

Glad you're heading up the track man. Can't think of a better person. I'm just in the airport heading off the Cuba for a week, but I'll try to get in a proposal when I get back.

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#4 Kris Buytaert : Looking forward to seeing a

Looking forward to seeing a talk proposal from you !