Dear IBM

When you eventually will buy Sun ..

Oh nooos.. I started this post last week and now it al seems in vain :(

Steven has some clues on what could have happened, I think he is right on the spot on with his Solaris prediction ..

He wonders why IBM would spend even another dime on Solaris, actually even today I can't even see why Sun is spending any more money on developing Solaris. But even with no acquisition his prediction of the future of Open Solaris imvho is spot on:

OpenSolaris will likely live on as a purely community-based operating system. After failing to gain any real traction against Linux, I expect it to become like the BSD operating systems: useful in niches and with a strong, core group of developers, but never to become a major operating system power.

As for Sparc, well I told it before.. and given the Siemens- Fujitsu split, given that Fujitsu has the money (which is where I have no clue) and given 2 Sparc companies with completing markets , both geographically as on hardware and software level.. merging Fujitsu and Sun would make sense ...

Looking around me .. I think Netbeans has already been Eclipsed ages ago .. I once used to work with NetBeans, but today I don't know a lot of people who still use it.

As for MySQL, Jeremey has some good insights.. the fact that different prominent MySQL folks have left Sun will only push the MySQL development model towards more openness.
And towards an even more Redder RedHat alike model, we already have the first CentOS alike rebuilds of MySQL , so a distribution model based on the same kernel with different feature sets or focus indeed might be the future.

Steven has a nice follow up on what can happen with Sun now. But the obvious problem would have been be the culture clash , at least for the MySQL folks.. , I can hardly imagine al that nice code being written with no Liquor :)


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#1 Chandeliers : sparc

I developed in sparc and it is so much nicer than windows architecture, but since there isn't much need for programming i had to learn the other.

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#2 Nils : You should give netbeans

You should give netbeans another try. I recently switched from eclipse to netbeans. Performance is so much better, and there are no features I miss.

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#3 Jason : Red Hat

I think Red Hat should buy Sun.

If Red Hat could get the financing together I think their purchase of Sun makes sense.

Red Hat could sell off the hardware assets to IBM and Fujitsu and capitalize on their increased software portfolio.


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#4 Jensen : I use NetBeans. Eclipse is

I use NetBeans.

Eclipse is great but consumes a lot of memory and since NetBeans 6.5 (which also included PHP support, hence why I personally use it) it has become more mature and stable.