Future Directions in openMosix

People often ask what the future developments in openMosix will be. A lot of new features have already been implemented during the past year. We currently have autodiscovery (omdisc), clustermask, loadlimit support etc, available as default stable options.

Some other options are more experimental and not yet in the main openMosix three, the most tested and well known feature is the MigSHM patch, which is currently undergoing thorough revisions, and will enter the main openMosix three as soon as it is stable.

Keeping up with the kernel releases is also a major part of openMosix development. As I write this latest stable openMosix release is 2.4.22-om3, the vanilla kernel is at 2.6.5 and in 2.4 series we are at 2.4.26. We are working on porting the 2.4.22-om3 patch to 2.4.23 and up. New features are being implemented in 2.4.25-6. And we are also working at an openMosix port for the 2.6 series, where we are targeting at 2.6.3 as our first test release.

Migratable Sockets, a replacement for th oMFS , a port to Opteron, and someday maybe to other architectures, are the future directions of openMosix