other useful contributions from the community

The openMosix community is a growing and active group of contributors to different parts of the openMosix project. Below we list a short section of interesting projects

The openMosixApplet, (by JP) is a cool Java applet which displays load statistics in your browser (on the way to be ported to the gomd)

The KludgeKollection, a smart set of script by Aaron Freed e.g to setup ssh access.

wmomload is a small openMosix load applet for windowmaker.

For quick testing openMosix there are some great bootable cd-distributions available which are providing a complete openMosix cluster out-of-the-box. No need to install or configure anything, just boot your nodes with those CD's.

Namely there is : ClusterKNOPPIX, PlumbOS, Quantian, Linux-live cd, CHAOS, BCCD and dyne:bolic. The latter one is even running on any XBox which means you can make your XBox join your openMosix cluster. What a fun.

Then there is openMosixLoaf which is an openMosix cluster on a single floppy disk.

Gentoo and Debian are providing easy-to-use openMosix packages for their distributions.

Even a small game for openMosix, called the openMosixblaster is available. You can shoot on your processes to migrate them. ......... of course just for "funny administrators"

And certainly let's not forget GOMD, gomd is a daemon which executes commands and gets information from the nodes of an openMosix cluster. It has to run on every node in order to collect data, and it waits for commands to execute. gomd stands for "general openMosix daemon"