openMosix and FireWire

Table of Contents
What is openMosix
What FireWire is
The Setup
First results
Installing FireWire Networking
The tests with Firewire
About the Author

Lots of people have been looking for a solution to upgrade the network speed of their cluster while not spending too much money. I got the idea to set up a part of my openMosix cluster with a FireWire based networking stack. You can read my experience below.

What is openMosix

openMosix is a Linux-kernel patch which provides full compatibility with standard Linux for IA32-compatible platforms.

The internal load-balancing algorithm transparently migrates processes to other cluster members. The advantage is a better load-sharing between the nodes. The cluster itself tries to optimize utilization at any time (of course the sysadmin can affect these automatic load-balancing parameters by manual configuration at runtime). openMosix is released under the GPLv2 license.

This means that when you install an openMosix based cluster, for an application it looks like it has a huge SMP machine. This approach still has some limitations, however an active development team is working on new features, such as shared memory, clustermask and loadlimit each day.